Flute Brillante – Dazzling Music for Flute and Piano

Classical Music Concert - Khanyisile Mthetwa and Peter Cartwright

On Sunday, November 12th at 3 PM at Northwards House, the SAMA award-winning flautist Khanyisile Mthetwa and pianist Peter Cartwright will light up the stage of Northwards House with a programme of virtuosic music for flute and piano by French composers.

Explore the world of Georges Bizet’s “Carmen” through François Borne’s “Carmen Fantasy.” This composition for flute and piano takes us on a journey through the opera’s well-known themes, showcasing the technical abilities of the performer while evoking the dramatic narrative of the story.

André Jolivet’s “Chant de Linos” is a striking contemporary work that explores the expressive and abstract qualities of music. The work delves into the mythological story of Linos, the divine musician and educator whose tragic end symbolises the fleeting nature of artistic genius and life’s impermanence. The music combines traditional tonalities with modern harmonies to create a unique sonic experience.

Georges Hue’s “Fantasie” is a delightful and enchanting work. With its lyrical melodies and intricate ornamentations, this composition showcases the charm and technical finesse of the flautist. It transports us to a world of whimsy and musical fantasy.

Charl Marie Widor’s “Suite” is a classic gem in the flute and piano repertoire. Comprising several movements, the work reveals Widor’s mastery of form and melody. The suite offers a diverse range of moods and themes, making it a versatile and enjoyable piece for both performers and listeners alike.

Join us for yet another unforgettable afternoon of music overlooking the beautiful Jacarandas in full bloom from the magnificent terrace of Northwards House.

Tickets are available at Quicket, and we cannot wait to see you there.

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